Their Beloved OrangesArtifact, Fall 2022
A work reinventing the orange developed at the University of Washington. In collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-3, this work was created in the early days of chat GPT’s popularity and explores the intersection of biases present when one uses AI chatbots, especially for content creation.


I asked some friends to share stories about oranges with me.
One told me that when he was in high school he would get home at eleven each night, eat three navel oranges, do his homework, and go to sleep. 
Another said occasionally I peel an orange and ask her if she wants some, and she feels happiness. 
Another said one time she was really excited to eat an orange, but after she peeled it she found out it was a grapefruit, and she felt betrayed.
Another mentioned that I have an orange tree.
Another said when she was younger some of her first memories were her dad peeling oranges at the kitchen counter and giving her brother and her slices.
Another said whenever I had orange at lunch in high school, it smelled bad.
Another said trifoliate oranges are pretty.
Another said the orange tree in my room was a gift from friends, and it was given to them by their mother who cared for it for many years herself, so it is quite old and needs special care.
Another said when she was little her grandma would peel oranges for her and make the peel a pretty pattern; she loves her grandma very much.
Another said when she was little she used to call oranges “oringin” so her family would also call them “oringins.”
Another said when she was a kid she would eat orange slices after sports games, like soccer, but especially hockey. She has memories of sitting on the bus with her hockey team eating oranges after a game.
Another said he remembers when he used to do Hartwell soccer, parents would bring snacks, and often they would bring oranges that were just sliced with the skin left on, and they’d just eat them like watermelon.
I said that I tried candying oranges with my friend and almost burned down the kitchen.
Construct a story based on the themes of these stories, but don’t include any specific events from the stories. Keep it short.


Once upon a time, there was a group of friends who loved oranges. They enjoyed eating the fruit and sharing it with each other, and they often found themselves reminiscing about their childhood memories of oranges. They had many funny and heartwarming stories to tell about their experiences with the fruit, and they continued to appreciate its sweet, refreshing taste and many uses. Despite some mishaps and disappointments along the way, the friends remained loyal to their beloved oranges.
Updated Febuary 2024